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If you're a seasoned Project Manager, Business Analyst, Developer, Test Manager, Test Analyst or any of the supporting roles in the platform ecosystem, you will have worked in some dysfunctional teams. Leadership teams that don't have full visibility of the programme and where it is failing, different departments using different tools, poor communication and lack of transparency are all considerations that lead to variable results. Sometimes it's hard to see past all the turmoil and enjoy the work! Rather than coming in with a whole load more turmoil, Platform Action work with professionals to understand their challenges and help get everyone aligned with a new way of working that makes teams so much more productive.
  • We cut the waste from platform change programmes by enforcing a standard set of tools and a proven Agile approach.
  • You get to be involved with programmes that succeed.
  • We train and mentor the teams that we get involved with, leaving them stronger and more self-sufficient.
  • We support you to, "Build with Confidence, Deliver with Certainty."
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If you're ready to evolve your platform-based proposition, we are your first port of call for advice, consulting and delivery expertise.