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Head of Proposition

You need to drive relevant and timely products for your customers while competing for scarce resources to build, test and deploy changes. With the demand for new channels and products comes the inevitable complexity and risk of change. You need platform experts that know the market and key vendors in great depth, who can quickly assess, assure and support change to remove unnecessary complexity. We have huge experience across the entire wealth value chain and its platform solutions and providers. We have lead and mentored some of the largest recent wealth changes. Our experience spans operations, propositional, technology and change delivery both in the UK and globally.
  • We know Time to Market and maintaining Customer relevance is vital - We help you focus on critical value areas, reducing complexity and noise.
  • We know the market and the key players - We will guide and support you all the way.
  • We will share the risk with you - We put our skin in the game.
  • We support you to "Build with Confidence and Deliver with Certainty."
Head of Proposition

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If you're ready to evolve your platform-based proposition, we are your first port of call for advice, consulting and delivery expertise.