Key benefits

At Platform Action we know your business needs support from time to time, expertise that is not readily available in-house or available at a sensible price from the larger consulting players. Importantly you need a trusted advisor who has “done it before" and knows the pitfalls, assimilates seamlessly into your organisation and, once the job is done, leaves you in a stronger and sustainable position.

So what can Platform Action bring to your organisation?

Gain confidence in your proposition

We bring pragmatic, real world delivery experience across the entire platform value chain – We will help you remove complexity, focus on the critical value areas and help assure your business case meets its targets.

We will challenge your key assumptions and validate them in the market using an MVP approach, bringing maximum benefit early on.

Our client testimonials will show where we added value and how.

Get maximum benefit from minimum build

We have a huge depth of real world delivery experience, envied by many of our competitors, and we bring a rapid, pragmatic focus on the critical actions needed to drive maximum value from minimum change.

Our unrivalled knowledge of and experience integrating the solution components that are available in the market will help you avoid re-inventing the wheel.

We have an arsenal of services, tools, processes and artefacts to accelerate your delivery process.

Have certainty of delivery

We’ve worked with all the major platform vendors and their solutions and propositions – We can help navigate a sometimes complex process, removing waste and confusion.

Our agile dashboards drive end to end, real time traceability and accountability.

We are the trusted, expert partners that can accelerate your change, maximise value and reduce complexity – We are so confident we will share the risk.

 We genuinely believe we are different – we are the future of consulting in the wealth management space.

Build with Confidence, Deliver with Certainty – that is what we do.

Take the next step

If you're ready to evolve your platform-based proposition, we are your first port of call for advice, consulting and delivery expertise.