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Platform implementation shouldn’t be so hard

Investment Platforms: Who’ll win the constructors’ championship?

“Platforms are like Formula 1 cars,” says Richard Budnyj. “Choosing and building the right components and having the right team to do so will determine how successful the platform will be.” The McLaren MP4/4 is arguably the greatest F1 car of all time. It was so dominant that, in the 1988 season, it won 15

Platform migration – the devil’s in the data

Richard Budnyj argues that, amidst all the talk about the death of platforms, selective platform migration is the only way forward. The recent focus on the premature death of platforms has resulted in several articles that have been provocative, but have not addressed asset migration as the most likely way to achieve consolidation. With rumours of multiple

The death of platforms has been greatly exaggerated

David Howard examines whether we’ll see the death of platforms over the next five years – and the kind of changes we can expect. The “Death of platforms article” featured in Money Marketing had a catchy headline, even if the article went on to refine the argument to one of evolution which is much more sensible. However,

Effective platform deployment: knowing when you’re match-fit and ready to start

Wouldn’t it be nice if the learning curve for implementing a platform could be reduced and there was a well-trodden path that leads to success?, asks Dave Howard. This is even more important now as organisations battle to keep pace with regulatory changes, embrace the digital-first agenda and reduce costs. Tomorrow’s winners won’t be those

Phantom defects – what lies beneath?

Dave Howard reviewed some defect stats for a platform implementation just weeks away from go live and found that only 25% of the defects raised were real. Think about how much effort is being wasted in raising, investigating and closing these… 50% were caused by a combination of configuration, data, integration and environment issues and

Why the old life company model just doesn’t work

The world of platforms has changed immeasurably since RDR, so what’s next for the various models on offer to advisers and clients? Richard Budnyj takes a look… For many years understanding the cost of buying an investment product was a challenge. The Retail Distribution Review (RDR) brought more clarity and easier comparison, which has led

Pension flexibility creates challenges

Platforms could arguably be the biggest winners from the last two Budget statements. But although changes around pensions are creating significant opportunities for platforms, they have a lot of work to do to make sure they get it right and keep clients – and their advisers – happy. Few predicted the pension freedoms promised in the

Can your platform pass the scalability test?

The FCA is reportedly showing concerns over platform scalability, with rumours it is set to look at platform technology systems. David Howard asks if your platform can pass the scalability test… I think the FCA is right to be concerned: the industry has already seen unprecedented inflows in recent years, with the migration of huge