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    Agile consulting, Service / Change management, Resource augmentation, Quality Assurance
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    Edinburgh & Bath, United Kingdom

Aegon transition to in-house

Aegon is one of the world’s leading providers of life insurance, pensions and asset management. Starting life as Scottish Equitable in 1831 and evolving its brand over the years, they have combined a strong UK heritage with Aegon’s global strength, while staying committed to their original purpose; to help people take responsibility for their future and achieve a lifetime of financial security.


Having developed multiple releases of the platform with NISL, Aegon made the strategic decision to transition the operation and platform development in-house.The key success factor was that the transition had to occur without impacting the pace and quality of delivery.


Platform Action worked closely with Aegon to identify the skills required in-house, support the recruitment and knowledge transfer, at the same time, running the programme and implementing multiple releases of the platform.


The operation was transitioned in early 2014 and the platform development transition is on target for completion by December 2014. Throughout 2014, a number of major releases of the platform were delivered.


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