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Nobody has built and worked on more platform solutions in Wealth Management. We pride ourselves on deep knowledge of how the industry works and how its people think.
We aim to exit from our customers with elegance, leaving a lasting legacy of tools and capability. We won't try to hook you in by landing and expanding.
Your success is our success and our reputation is as important to us as yours is to you. When we work with you we are in it together, for good and bad.
As your virtual team members, our knowledge becomes your knowledge and we will use it together to develop your proposition with speed and intelligence.


At Platform Action, we exist to help you bring unprecedented value to your clients in the shortest time possible. We are a consultancy that’s focused on wealth management, helping our clients evolve, validate, and deliver their platform-based propositions.

Applying deep industry knowledge and a mastery of Agile tools and processes, we serve as collaborative advisors — effectively bridging the gap between you and your suppliers in envisioning and implementing technology solutions that meet your specific market need.

In short, we’ll help you get to where you want to be quickly and efficiently — and, on exit, will leave a lasting legacy of delivery and capability. And, because we’ve helped so many clients get the most out of their platforms, we know that our approach is guaranteed to accelerate your progress.

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If you're ready to evolve your platform-based proposition, we are your first port of call for advice, consulting and delivery expertise.