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Platform solutions designed and implemented by experts

Platform design and delivery that help you meet increasing change demands with finite resources and budget

We take a different approach to platform design and delivery – one that’s in tune with the demands and restrictions of today’s corporate environment. Using our expertise, thought leadership, market knowledge and execution capability, we ensure that what gets built gets used – and all within your cost and time constraints.


Positive Direction

We design and develop dedicated platform solutions that are lean, tested and totally integrated.

We use our design expertise to help develop or translate your business requirement into a solution that leverages your platform capabilities to the full. We’ll also ensure that any bespoke development requirements are rigorously assessed and challenged to maximise the business value delivered in each release. And while we focus on the platform, we’ll also consider the overall solution architecture incorporating web portals, your existing legacy applications, third-party solutions and middleware components.


Super Fast

Our team designs integration issues out to minimise the risk of delays due to defects.

Our team of specialist application architects and integration professionals support the development of the detailed solution architecture. They take a hands-on role in the systems integration testing design, execution and release into functional testing. Our objective is to design integration issues out and ensure functionality testing can reliably start with minimum risk of delays caused by systems integration defects.


Maximum Value

We engage throughout your organisation to ensure delivery creates the expected value.

We have developed a rigorous test and deployment approach that’s tuned to the platform environment and suits your corporate context. It’s founded on a delivery roadmap that’s aligned to your business plan and your sales and operational targets.

We work to build a consensus with the board to create an aligned delivery roadmap that has the full support of all the stakeholders. And then we convert our strategic intent to a valuable platform delivery that meets market needs, can be built, is efficient and can be delivered and controlled. Once developed, we manage the delivery of the releases into production with a robust, transparent and efficient test and deployment.

Our Proposition Design is focused on building the right things so they’re in line with market needs and business requirements, while also delivering the required ROI.

It also ensures customer engagement from the outset and creates a positive customer experience that drives adoption.

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Our Customer Journey Design ensures that customer experience is at the forefront of the design.

Engagement and feedback is incorporated to ensure a positive user experience to help drive digital adoption.

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Our Functional Design is focused on delivering accurate and aligned solution integration achieved through solid supplier collaboration.

Our Technical Design works to ensure that the application and infrastructure deliver high availability, performance and scalability to meet business demand.

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Our first step is to select the methodology that best fits the supplier maturity, solution architecture, speed to market and risk level for a certain and predictable outcome.

We also ensure the delivery of accurate, current management information and control over scope, cost and quality to ensure the business requirements align with the business case and ROI.

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Our innovative and integrated tools underpin our enterprise approach to managing change and provide a real-time reporting capability to help inform management decisions.

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Our Build / Integrate service focuses on assuring that suppliers’ processes and disciplines can result in the successful delivery of scope, cost, time and quality.

Testing ensures quality and reduces the impact of change on business operations, as well as to the customer experience through the testing of non-functional elements.

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Operational Design first defines the organisational model to meet business demand and ensure it’s accurately sized, recruited and trained.

We then ensure roles are defined, accountable and clear, as well as its operational readiness for scalability and adherence to the cost of ownership model.

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Our Target Operating Model ensures for a customer-focused model, starting with detailing the current customer experience for usability, simplicity and options to improve and then progressing to identifying the break and channel switch points in the digital journey.

Cost-effectiveness is also examined in terms of cost to serve and options for improvement, simplification and automation.

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IT Service Operations ensures we have all the necessary knowledge, process and capability to support the production solution and underpin the customer experience.

By engaging IT Ops within the change delivery programme, we create a smooth service transition and reduce the impact on the customer experience. We also set up system monitoring and incident and problem management to allow for a fast and proactive identification and response to any issues.

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