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Clients in today’s challenging environment need to meet increased demands with limited resources and budgets. To help our clients win, we work with teams whose values and approach are well matched with our own. Here are a few examples of clients who we’ve helped do a lot more with less…

Challenge » Having developed multiple releases of the platform with NISL, Aegon made the strategic decision to transition the operation and platform development in-house.

The key success factor was that the transition had to occur without impacting the pace and quality of delivery.


Approach » Platform Action worked closely with Aegon to identify the skills required in-house, support the recruitment and knowledge transfer, at the same time, running the programme and implementing multiple releases of the platform.

Challenge » We formed Novia Investments Services Limited (NISL) to service clients who wanted to outsource their platform administration and take advantage of an existing platform and adapt and white label to meet specific needs.

The first client was Aegon who had an aggressive deadline of being in live operation within nine months of date of contract signature.


Approach » We formed a highly skilled team and small team of professionals with years of platform design, development and ops experience.

We worked closely with staff from NISL and Aegon to develop the target operation model, and customise the existing platform to meet key client needs.

Reporting directly to the Programme Sponsor and COO, we were accountable for all aspects of implementation, from requirements gathering to acceptance testing of the solution across four major suppliers that formed the overall platform solution.

Challenge » To develop a business-led roadmap of platform developments that fitted a pint into a quart pot with the full support of the Executive.


Approach » Aegon was faced with unprecedented demands from operational changes to increase efficiency and the quality of the customer experience, propositional changes driven by market demands and, finally, legislation changes.

The gap between demand and delivery capacity was such that the operational and proposition work streams had to be challenged at a fundamental level to ensure the stated requirements were valid and the proposed approach the most cost effective.

We developed the business roadmap over a number of months and built consensus around a series of innovations that allowed the core functionality to be built over a series of releases.

Challenge » Our challenge was to improve stability and accuracy and reduce time to deploy across multiple Platform environments, while reducing environmental defects and increasing confidence in deployment and transition to production.

The client ultimately required a ‘managed service’ that delivered consistent, accurate and available environments including change, configuration, release and deployment management functions.


Approach » Initially, we implemented proven change, release and configuration management processes and tooling to increase the control, traceability and accuracy of code, configuration and data across test and production environments.

We then transitioned the deployment function from Just Retirement’s resource to us, while improving documentation and implementing automation to reduce the risk of errors and increase environment availability.

Outcome »  The operation was transitioned in early 2014 and the platform development transition is on target for completion by December 2014. Throughout 2014, a number of major releases of the platform were delivered.

  • Platform Action were able to adapt to the new approach and, not only delivered without breaking stride, but left us with a legacy of tools and techniques that have significantly enhanced our capacity to deliver and be self-sufficient going forward. They really cared about our business and making sure real value was delivered. This led to some challenging conversations at times but, when we were challenged, it was always in the spirit of delivery and sustainable value for our customers and partners

    Tommy Young, COO, Aegon UK

Outcome »  We built the operation from scratch and implemented the solution on time and on budget, going live with no major defects.

  • Dave, Richard and the team brought significant sector knowledge and expertise, a programmatic approach to development and, most importantly, they fitted into the Novia culture. We value quality and delivery over process and the team delivered in very tight timescales, creating a very strong team with a real sense of purpose and achievement

    Bill Vasilieff, CEO, Novia Financial

Outcome »  We developed and delivered a cost-effective, business-led roadmap of platform developments.

  • Richard and the Platform Action team challenged our preconceptions of what the market really needed and the most cost-effective way to delivery. He ensured we built the right thing in the right sequence to maximise our available capacity. The real trick was to leave us feeling that the roadmap was a valuable compromise without Operations or Marketing feeling they had lost out. At the end of the day, it was our roadmap

    David Macmillan, CMO, Aegon UK

Outcome »  We successfully delivered a managed service with continuous improvement to ensure automation, increasing efficiency and delivering fewer defects. This stable platform assured a focus on genuine issues as the time and cost of ‘phantom’ environmental issues were reduced. As a result of effective data refresh and environment deployment processes, we built trusted environments for the client that underpin testing for a confident and quick delivery of change.

  • Working with Platform Action enabled Just Retirement (JR) to establish early stability and knowledge in an area that we were unfamiliar with. The Platform Action Team assimilated well with their JR colleagues and we are able to focus on future plans

    Pete Sovegjarto, Director of IT Change and Live Services

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